Mecca Construction, Inc.
Mecca Construction, Inc.


Mr. Mikal Abdullah serves as CEO and President of Mecca Construction Inc.

He has over 37 years of knowledge and experience as General Constructor and Consultant. 


Mikal is currently holding a long term consultant agreement with Gerson Lerham,of New York, and he is a USA Federal Government (203K and FEMA) consultant.He is actively working as a consultant for real estate investors.  Mikal has worked on over 500 projects, which includes hospitals, schools, malls, hotels, stores, and restaurants.


Also, green projects i.e. solar, wind, natural disaster, water, sewer, road paving, structural, concrete, steel erection, and Island development. 


In addition, Mikal has worked on many housing projects, which are upscale development, low to moderate income housing, elderly housing, renovation, manufacture, and water front condominiums. 

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